March 10 Playlist

Christ Is Risen
Savior of the World
Your Love Never Fails
How He Loves
Sing to Jesus
Forever Reign

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We All Worship Something….

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stage_2One of the books that I’ve read in recent years is “Unceasing Worship” by Harold Best. In his work, Mr. Best makes an interesting observation: “We begin with one fundamental fact about worship: at this very moment, and for as long as this world endures, everybody inhabiting it is bowing down and serving something or someone — an artifact, a person, an institution, an idea, a spirit, or God through Christ.” He goes on to provide a definition for worship: “Worship is the continuous outpouring of all that I am, all that I do and all that I can ever become in light of a chosen or choosing god.” Whether from a book or Bob Dylan’s song “Gonna Have To Serve Somebody” this seems to be a reality.

As Christ followers we can easily become enamored with the language of worship and fall into the assumption that worship is a Christian thing, or at the very least, a religious thing. I think what Best is pointing out is that worship is a human thing – sacred and secular. It is the unique expression of our very being as we are created in the likeness of God. It is our breath and our being. It may not directed towards our Creator, but our worship is constant and is always being given towards some entity.

So what does this mean for those of us who follow Jesus? I think this has a couple of implications. First is that our worship of the Lord Almighty is not a compartmentalized exercise – whether that be at a service on Sunday or even within personal time spent in reflection and prayer. We are worshiping when we are driving, or making a meal for the family, or attending a meeting at work, or studying for an exam, or sitting watching TV. Saying “yes” to Jesus as the Son of God the Father and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide our lives is a holistic worship experience. God’s word reminds us that where our heart is there our treasure is also. Our heart is the core of our values, what we believe, where we allow our affections to go, and how we live that out. If our hearts are given over to our Creator God, then we will treasure Him as we go through our everyday experiences and decisions. We’re worshiping already, why not worship the Lord?

The second implication of this principle of unceasing worship is that the people around us are worshiping something too. This gives us something in common. We are all worshiping. I believe that when we view our fellow man through this lens it softens our hearts as we realize the shallowness of where our affections go and it allows us to see our world as the Lord does – with compassion. It is true that some people are more sensitive than others. But compassion is not just being sensitive – it moves us to action. Our insides cannot contain themselves and we are compelled to act.  This type of visceral expression has limited capacity if it runs on human effort alone – we call that being pious or benevolent.  However, when our compassion is fueled from our worship of the Almighty, we act not of our own accord but in step with the Holy Spirit. The same mercy that has we have experienced in Christ is what gives us eyes to see the mercy needed for our fellow man. Paul says this clearly in Romans 12:1 and 2.  So how do we view our fellow man? What we worship will help us answer that question and inspire us to actions of worship with our fellow man.

So what are you worshiping? As I said earlier, we are all worshiping something right now, why not allow ourselves to worship the Lord and allow Him to make an extraordinary impact in the lives of those around us…because they are worshiping too.

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Many Leaders, One Lord; Many Songs, One Savior

function get_style26 () { return “none”; } function end26_ () { document.getElementById(‘afterword26’).style.display = get_style26(); } There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; one Lord, one faith one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.” (Eph. 4:4-6, NIV)


In a day and age when being unique and set apart from the other guy is a virtue, this passage and principle can seem a bit old fashion. Oneness. Connectedness. It’s okay for sports teams and successful companies to exhibit a singular purpose (I’m reminded of the Super Bowl this last weekend), but for whatever reason we seem to chafe against this when it is applied to our personal lives. Especially our preferences for connecting with Jesus. Yet, it is clear that Scripture calls those who follow Christ to a singular connection, purpose, focus, so that what once was invisible is now made visible to a watching world. This is how we are able to stand apart from our culture and call to something more complete than what is being offered in our world – because it is from our Heavenly Father.

So what does this look like? How can we practice what Paul outlines as non-optional, how it is, plain talk? Our weekend services are our most public corporate display of our values (what’s important to us) and how a “Christ-redeemed-Spirit-indwelt-to-the-glory-of-the-Father” community operates different from the world around us. To this end we have made a deliberate choice to embrace a “multiple” worship leader model. There are a couple of critical reasons for this.

First is the tendency in our pop-culture driven world to become personality driven. From American Idol to the Grammy to the lastest YouTube craze, culturally we tend to follow the latest media fad. As a worship arts team our goal is to have the only personality highlighted that of Jesus Christ and His work in our lives through the Holy Spirit. Providing more than one voice as testament to this reality, reinforces the greatest of our Lord and the Oneness of our Faith.

Second is the tendency for strong personalities to go their own way. As a culture we cheer the entrepreneur and those who go against the man. But interesting is how easily we fall into the trappings of “following the leader” when it comes to our consumeristic ways – I want what I want at the least cost to myself. Again we have the opportunity to set a different path a worship arts team to embrace strong leaders and to come together for a greater purpose than our own unique expression. Indeed, our uniqueness submitted to the “God and Father of all” allows for MORE expression rather than less.
Do we have this all figured out? Heavens no. But there are some very clear principles and priorities laid out by our Lord that inform us what keep the most important as we continue to go out into our world and engage those we love with a clear purpose and faith and hope and ultimately Lord.

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